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Very few words are required to introduce to our readers the Third Volume of the Sixth Series of this Journal.

The number of its pages will at once show that there has been no lack of contributions during the past year; indeed we owe apologies to several valued correspondents for being obliged to hold over their communications until our next issue.

We wish to invite special notice to two articles in the present volume which refer to branches of our Science that have not yet received the attention they seem to deserve. These are Mr. Lydekker’s memoir on fossil birds, and Mr. William Evans’ account of the periods of incubation in various groups. Both these subjects are, in our opinion, well worthy of further study.

jee ihe S. 3 Hanover Square, London, W. Sept. Ist, 1891.





[An asterisk indicates an Original Member. It is particularly requested that Members will give notice to the Secretary of the Union, 10 Chandos Street, London, W.., of any error in their addresses or descriptions in this List, in order that it may be immediately corrected. |

Date of Election.

1881. Wittam Ranvat, Earl of Antrm; Glenarm Castle, co.


Antrim, N. Ireland. . Freperick Cuartes Artin ; Bodicote, Banbury.

1888. Oxrver Vernon Artin; Bloxham, Banbury.

1885. James Backxuouss, Jun., F.Z.S.; 2 Eton Terrace, Harrogate. 1879. Vatentine Batt, F.R.S.; Science and Art Museum, Dublin. 1889. Ricnarp James Barston, F.Z.8.; Springfield, Maidstone.




. Francis Hupert Barctay; Knott’s Green, Leyton.

Hansury Barctay, Colonel, F.Z.S.; Cross Oak, Great Berk- hampstead, Herts.

Hoew G. Barctay ; Colney Hall, Norwich.

1884. Henry E. Barnes, Lieut.; Commissariat Department, Aden.





Barrert-Hamitton, Gerad; Kilmannock House, New Ross, Wexford.

Ricwarp Manutrre Barrineton, LL.B. ; Fassaroe, Bray, co. Wicklow.

E. F. Becuzr, Major R.A., F.Z.8.; care of Rev. W. Becher, Wellow-green Cottage, Wellow, Newark-on-Trent, Notts.

Frank E. Bepparp, M.A., F.Z.S., Prosector to the Zoological Society of London; 13 Castlebar Road, Ealing, London, W.

1875. Joun Broputrs, Colonel, Bengal Staff Corps, F.Z.8.; Quetta, Biluchistan, India.

1880. Epwarp Browett; 1 Trig Lane, Upper Thames Street, Lon- don, E.C.

1884. C.T. Bryenam, Major, F.Z.S8.; Deputy Conservator of Forests, Moulmein, Burma.

1891. F. E. Braauw, C.M.Z.8.; S’Graveland, Hildersum, Holland.








Date of Election.


_ W. T. Branrorp, F.R.S., F.Z.8., &c. ; 72 Bedford Gardens, Kensington, London, W.

1878. Wiiram Borrer, M.A., F.L.S.; Cowfold, Horsham.


1890. 1868.

. Witt1am F. Brocxnores; Claughton-on-Brock, Garstang, Lancashire.

Harry Briystey Brooke; 65 Earl’s Court Road, 8.W.

Tomas Epwarp Bucxtey, B.A., F.Z.8. ; Rossal, Inverness, NB.

1872. Sir Watrer Lawey Bouter, K.C.M.G., Sc.D., F.R.S., C.M.Z.8.,

1884. 1884. 1889.


1891. 1879.

1888. 1890. 1888.

1884. 1882. 1889. 1880.

1880. 1874. 1888. 1882. 1882.

1877. 1874.


&c.; Wellington, New Zealand, and 15 Victoria Street, Westminster, 8.W.

E. A. Burzzr, Lieut.-Col. ; Herringfleet Hall, Lowestoft.

Grorrrey Fowrtt Buxton; Sunny Hill, Thorpe, Norwich.

Ewen Somertep Cameron, F.Z.S.; Barcaldine Castle, Ledaig, N.B.

Joun Duncan Cameron; Lowwood, Bethersden, near Ashford, Kent.

Joun Campsett, Colonel, Governor-General of Prisons ; Perth.

Tomas Davip Gipson CarmicHAEL, F.Z.8.; Chiefswood, Mel- rose, Lanarkshire, N.B.

Jamzs Carter; Burton House, Masham, Yorkshire.

Cuartes Joun Pump Cave; Ditcham Park, Petersfield.

Watrer CuamBertain, F.Z.8S.; Harborne Hall, Harborne,

. near Birmingham.

Axsrt Caapman; Roker, Sunderland.

Ronerr Witt1AMCuase; Southfield, Priory Road, Birmingham.

Srepnenson Rosert CrarKe, F.Z.8.; 25 Chesham Street, 8. W.

Witt1aM Eaere Crarxe, F.L.S.; Museum of Science and Art, Edinburgh.

E. H. Coorrr, Lieut.-Col., F.Z.8.; 42 Portman Square, London, W.

Joun CorpEaux; Eaton Hall, Retford, Notts.

Writ11am Witrri Cordeaux ; Queen’s Bays, Sialkote, India.

Cuartzs B. Cory, F.Z.S.; 8 Arlington Street, Boston, Mass., US.A.

Puitie Crowrey, F.Z.S.; Waddon House, Waddon, Croydon.

J.J. Datetetsu ; 8 Atholl Crescent, Edinburgh.

Cuarues G. Danrorp, F.Z.S. ; Hatszeg, Siebenbiirgen, Hun- gary, and Conservative Club, St. James’s Street, London, N. W.

Jamzs Davipson ; 32 Drumsheugh Gardens, Edinburgh.

Date of Election,

1884, Wi11am Roxton Davison, F.Z.8.; care of Messrs. Dawson & Son, 121 Cannon Street, E.C. 1889. Wiit1am Henry Doster, M.R.C.S.; 22 Upper Northgate Street, Chester. 1883. Scrorz B. Dota; Public Works Department, Bombay. 1880. Arraur Dowsert, F.Z.S.; Castle Hill House, Reading. 1865, Henry Estes Dresser, F.L.S., F.Z.S8.; Topclyffe Grange, Farnborough, Beckenham, Kent. *Henry Mavrice Drummonp-Hay, C.M.Z.S., Lieut.-Col., Royal Perth Rifles; Seggieden, Perth. 1890. James A. G. Drummonn-Hay; Coldstream Guards, Guards’ Club, S.W. 1878. W. Arruur Durnrorp; Elsecar, Barnsley. 1876. Gzorcr Lr C. Egerton, Commander R.N.; The Lodge, Stoke Road, Gosport. 55 1870. Danret Grravp Exxiot, F.R.S.E., F.Z.S., &.; Fuller Build- ings, Jersey City, New Jersey, U.S.A. 1884, AtcERrNon Exxiorr, Deputy Commissioner, Yeotmahl, H.A.D., India. 1866. Henry Jonn Etwes, F.Z.S.; Colesborne Park, Cheltenham. 1879. Artaur Humste Evans, M.A., F.Z.S.; 9 Harvey Road, Cam- bridge. 1888. Wittiam Evans, F.R.S.E.; 184 Morningside Park, Hdin- burgh, 60 1891. Atrrep Hast Everett, 0.M.Z.S. 1873. H. W. Femtpen, Lieut.-Col., C.M.Z.8.; West House, Wells, Norfolk. 1886. Haroxp Stuart Ferevson, Lieut. Nair Brigade ; Trevandrum, Travancore. 1891. Lxoporp Fietp, F.Z.8.; St. Stephen’s Club, 8.W. 1890. Lionet Fisner; Kandy, Ceylon. 65 1884. Henry Oce Forses, F.Z.8.; Canterbury Museum, Christ- church, New Zealand. 1880, Wittram Fosrer; The Hill, Witley, Surrey. 1887. W. W. Fowter, M.A.; Lincoln College, Oxford. 1865. Rev. Henry Extiorr Fox, M.A.; 12 South Bailey, Durham. 1881. Percy Evans Frexe; 9 Sydenham Road, Dundrum, co. Dublin. yo 1881. Hans Gapvow, Ph.D., F.Z.8.; Zoological Museums, Downing Street, Cambridge.

Date of Election.

- 1886. Caartes Wittiam Francis, Eart or Garnsporoven; Exton Park, Oakham. 1885. Sir Rate Payne Gattwey, Bart.; Thirkleby Park, Thirsk. 1879. Ernest Grpson ; care of Thos. Gibson, Esq., 1 Eglinton Court, Edinburgh. *Freperick DuCanr Gopman, F.R.S., F.Z.8., &e.; 10 Chandos Street, Cavendish Square, London, W. 75 *Prrcy Sanpen Gopmay, B.A., C.M.Z.8. ; Muntham, Horsham. 1874. H. H. Gopwrmy-Avsten, Lieut.-Col., F.R.S., F.Z.8., &.; Shal- ford House, Guildford. 1884. J. G. Goopcuttp, F.Z.8.; Museum of Science and Art, Edin- burgh. 1886, Witr1am Granam, F.Z.8S.; Manor House, Crayford, Kent. 1890. WiittAm R. Oeirvie Grant; 26 Hereford Square, S.W. 80 1878. Henry Grey, Bengal Staff Corps; care of Messrs. Grindlay & Co. 1885. F. H. H. Guirtemarp, M.A., M.D., F.Z.S.; Eltham, Kent. 1876. Axsert C. L. G. Ginrner, M.A., M.D., F.R.S., F.Z.8S. &e.; Keeper of the Zoological Department, British Museum (Natural History), London, S.W. 1870. Joun Henry Gurney, F.Z.8.; Keswick Hall, Norwich, and Atheneum Club. 1890. Jossua Rerynonps Gascorcn Gwarxin ; Manor House, Potherne, Devizes. 85 1891. Gzorcz Henry Caron Haten; Grainsly Hall, Great Grimsby, Lincolnshire.

1887. Joun Prerpert Witron Harnes; The Lodge, Gloucester.

1886. Epwarp Hamizron, M.D., F.L.S., F.Z.S.; 16 Cromwell Place, S.W.

1877. Epwarp W. Harcourt, F.Z.8. ; Nuneham Park, Abingdon. 1883. Lewrs Vernon Harcourt; Malwood, Lyndhurst, Hants. 1876. H.C. Harrorp, 99th Regiment ; Stapleton Lodge, Chelsea Road, Southsea. 1877. Epwarp Harertrr, F.Z.S.; 1 Gladstone Villas, South View, Basingstoke, Hants. 1868. James Epmunp Hartine, F.LS., F.Z.S.; Linnean Society, Burlington House, Piccadilly, W. 1873. Jonn A. Harviz-Brown, F.Z.S.; Dunipace House, Larbert, N.B. 1868. Rev. Hurserr 8. Hawerys, M.A.; Beyton Rectory, Suffolk. 95 1887. CuartesT. Hesserr, F.Z.8. ; 12 Hereford Gardens, London,W.





Date of


1884. C. J. Hotpsworrn ; Oxenholme, Westmoreland.

1877. E. W. H. Hotpsworrtn, F.Z.8.; 84 Clifton Hill, St. John’s Wood, London, N.W.

1891. Arraur H. Hortanp; Estancia Espartillar, Ranchos, Buenos Ayres.

1888. Herserr Kyieut Horsrrerp ; Oakfield Terrace, Headingley, Leeds.

1881. Roserr James Howarp; Hawkshurst, Blackburn, Lancashire.

*Witrrm Houpteston Hupteston, M.A., F.RS., F.Z.S. ;

8 Stanhope Gardens, 8. W.

1879. Baron A. von Hiern; Museum of Archeology, Cambridge.

1869. Axian Octavian Home, C.B.; Simla, India.

1890. Henry Cuartus Vicars Hunter; 7 Bury Street, St. James’s, S.W.

1870. Hepworra Hytron, Lord Hytron, F.Z.S.; Merstham House, Red Hill, Surrey.

1870. Leonarp Howarp L. Irsy, Lieut.-Col., F.Z.S.; 14 Corn- wall Terrace, Regent’s Park, N.W.; Army and Navy Club, Pall Mall, London, 8.W.

1888. Frepericx J. Jackson, F.Z.8.; 13 Westbourne Square, London,


1886. Harry Berxetry James, F.Z.8.; The Oaks, near Carshalton, Surrey.

1889. Freprrick Ponsonsy Jonnson; Castlesteads, Brampton, Cumberland.

1891. Henry Haminron Jounston, C.B., F.Z.8.; Queen Anne’s Mansions, Queen Anne’s Gate, 8.W.

1880. Henry Rozperr Keruam, Major Highland Light Infantry ; India.

1882. Puitre M. Kermopr; Seabridge Cottage, Ramsey, Isle of Man.

1891. J. Granam Kerr; Bellevue, Eskbank, Dalkeith, Edinburgh.

1882. Rey. Epw. Ponsonsy Knustzy, M.A.; Stavely Rectory, Leeds.

1884, Hxrpert Laneton; 11 Marlborough Place, Brighton.

1881. Hon. Grratp Lascertes; Queen’s House, Lyndhurst.

1885. Gzorer Lawson, C.B.; 36 Craven Hill Gardens, Hyde Park, London, W.

1876. Witiiam Vincent Lecer, Col. R.A., F.Z.S.; Commandant’s Office, Hobart Town, Tasmania.

1868. Hamon Lz Srranex, F.Z.S.; Hunstanton Hall, King’s Lynn, Norfolk.






Date of Election.

1875. Pacer Watrer Lz Srranex, Col. R.A.; Dol-llan, Llandyosil,

South Wales.

1889. CurisropneR Joun Leyzanp; Brynllywarch, Kerry, Mont-


1874. 1889.

1877. 1886.

1875. 1878. 1870. 1878. 1883. 1886. 1879. 1890. 1864. 1887. 1886. 1890. 1885. 1882. 1876. 1872.



. Harorp Lirrteparz, B.A. &c.; Vice-Principal, The College,


*THomas Lytrieton, Lord Litrorp, F.L.S., F.Z.S., &c.; Lilford Hall, Oundle, and 18 Princes St., Cavendish Sq., London, W.

Joun Hayzs Liovp, Col., F.Z.S.; Sudley House, Bognor, Sussex.

Arruur Purvis Loyp, F.Z.S. (Late Major 21st Hussars) ; 3 Queen’s Mansions, Victoria Street, S.W.

J. Lumspen, F.Z.8.; Arden House, Alexandria, N.B.

Rey. Huan AtexAnpER Macpuerson; 20 Cecil Street, Car- lisle.

Joun Winerretp Matcor, F.Z.8. ; 7 Great Stanhope Street, Mayfair, London, W.

Henry Sracy Margs, R.A., F.Z.8.; 17 Hamilton Terrace, St. John’s Wood, London, N.W.

C. H. T. Marswatt, Col., F.Z.8., Divisional Judge, Lahore, India.

Rev. Murray A. Matuew, M.A., F.L.S.; Buckland Dinham, Frome, Somersetshire.

Epuunp Gustavus Broomrrerp Mzapr-Wa1po; Rope Hill, Lymington, Hants.

Joun Guitte Mitxais, F.Z.S8.; 2 Palace Gate, Kensington, W.

Freperick SHAw Mircuett; Hornshaws, Clitheroe, Lancashire.

Tomas JAMES Monx; St. Anne’s, Lewes, Sussex.

ALEXANDER GoopMAN Mors, F.L.S., &c.; 74 Leinster Road, Rathmines, Dublin.

Grorcr Morean, Lieut.-Col.; Biddlesden Park, Brackley.

Grorce Murruean, F.Z.8.; Mains of Haddo, Aberdeen.

Apert Irvine Mountz; Umberslade, Birmingham.

Epwarp Nrare; 43 Charlotte Street, Portland Place, London, W.

Tuomas Hupson Nutson; Apsley House, Redcar, Yorkshire.

Hueu Nevitt; Newton Villa, Godalming.

Francis D’Arcy Witt1am Crouea Newcome; Feltwell Hall, Brandon, Suffolk.

. C. M. Hayes Newrneron (Major King’s Regt.); Lee, Kent,

and Army and Navy Club.





xi Date of Election.

*AtFRED Newron, M.A., F.R.S., F.Z.8., Professor of Zoology in the University of Cambridge ; Magdalene College, Cam- bridge.

*Sir Epwarp Newton, M.A., K.C.M.G., F.L.S8., C.M.ZS. ; 23 Wellington Esplanade, Lowestoft.

1891. Diesy Srys Wuittock Nicuotr, F.Z.S.; The Ham, Cow- bridge, Glamorganshire.

1886, Howarp Hitt Joun Nicnorts, M.R.C.S.; The Moat, East- bourne.

1876. Francis Nicnotson, F.Z.8.; Oakfield, Ashley Rd., Altrincham.

1887. Groree Cameron Noxmay, F.Z.S.; 68 Lombard Street, E.C.

1882. Eveenr Wrtrtam Oarzs, F.Z.8.; care of Grindlay & Co., 55 Parliament Street, London, S.W.

1889. Berrram Savite Oere; Hill House, Steeple Aston, Oxford.

*Sir Joun W. P. Campsert Orpe, Bart., F.Z.8., late Captain 42nd (Royal Highland) Regiment; Kilmory House, Lochgilphead, Argyllshire, N.B.

1883. Hunry Parker, C.E., F.Z.8., Irrigation Officer, P.W.D.; Kurunegala, Ceylon.

1880. Tuomas Parkin, M.A., F.Z.S8.; Fairseat, High Wickham, Hastings.

1891. Roprerr Parrerson; 57 High Street, Belfast.

1884. R. L. Parrmrson, F.L.S.; Croft House, Holywood, co. Down.

1891. Henry J. PEarson; Bramcote, Beeston, Notts.

1891. Frank Penrose; Colebyfield, Wimbledon, and 24 Clarges Street, W.

1886. E. Campriper Putiriies ; The Elms, Brecon.

1886. E. Lorr Purrries, F.Z.8.; 79 Cadogan Square, S.W.

1888. Gzorcre Tuorne Purrtipes; Wokingham, Berkshire.

1883. Tomas Mayer Prxr, M.A.; care of R. H. Porter, 18 Princes Street, Cavendish Square, London, W.

1888. Mervyn Owen Wayne Powys, B.A., F.Z.S.; 33 Great Cum- berland Place, Hyde Park, W.

1888. Evsrace Rapctyrre; Hyde, Wareham, Dorset.

1872. R.G. Warptaw Ramsay, Major, F.Z.8.; Tillicoultry House,

. Tillicoultry, N.B.

1879. Hersert Evetyn Rawson, F.Z.8S.; Fallbarrow, Windermere.

1888. Rosert H. Reap; care of Sir John Fowler, 2 Queen Square Place, Westminster, S.W.

1877. Savite G. Rem, late Capt. R.E., F.Z.8. ; eB rovple House, Alton, Hants.






xii Date of Election.

1873. Sir Otrver Beauvcnamp Coventry Sr. Joun, Colonel R.E., F.Z.8.; care of Messrs. H. 8. King & Co., 65 Cornhill, London, E.C.

18838. Wittiam Herserr Sr. Quintin, F.Z.8.; Scampston Hall, Rillington, Yorkshire. *Ospert Satvin, M.A., F.R.S., F.Z.8., &c.; 10 Chandos Street, London, W., and Hawksfold, Fernhurst, Haslemere.

1870. Howarp Savnpers, F.LS., F.Z.8S., &c.; 7 Radnor Place, Hyde Park, London, W.

*Puitip Lutiey Scratrer, M.A., Ph.D., F.R.S., &c.; Secretary to the Zoological Society of London, 3 Hanover Square, London, W.

1891. Witiram Lurtey Scrater, M.A., F.Z.8.; Deputy-Superinten- dent, Indian Museum, Calcutta.

1881. J. Scutty, F.L.S., F.Z.8., Surgeon-Major; care of Messrs. H. S. King & Co., 65 Cornhill, London, E.C.

1873. Henry Sersoum, F.Z.8.; 22 Courtfield Gardens, London, S.W.

1889. Humpurey Parrictus Sennousr, B.A.; The Fitz, Cocker- mouth, Cumberland.

1871. Ricoarp Bownrter Sarre, LL.D., F.LS., F.Z.8.; Senior Assistant, Zoological Department, British Museum (Natural History), South Kensington, London, 8.W.

1886, Witii1am Carsrarrs SHaw; Bank of Madras, Madras.

1870. G. Ernest Sueey, F.Z.S., late Captain, Grenadier Guards; 10 Thurloe Square, London, 8.W.

1865. Rey. Cuartes Witiiam SuepuerD, M.A., F.Z.S.; Trotters- cliffe Rectory, Maidstone, Kent.

1881. F. B. Surson, F.Z.S.; Broom Hill, Spratton, Northampton.

1882. Rev. Henry H. Srarer, M.A., F.Z.8.; Inrchester Vicarage, Wellingboro’, Northamptonshire.

1878. Gzrorce Montaw Staveuter, Brigade-Surgeon ; Farningham, Kent.

1864, Rev. Atrrep Cuartes Suitu, M.A.; Old Park, Devizes, Wilts.

1881. Tuomas Sournwett, F.Z.8.; 10 The Crescent, Chapel Field, Norwich. %

1875. A. C. Srarx; The Cottage, Whiteparish, near Salisbury.

1889. Witt1am Sroatre; The Colony, Burnham, Somerset.

1881. Rosrrt Wxicur Sruppy, Lieut.-Col. 2nd Manchester Regi- ment, India; care of E. W. H. Holdsworth, 84 Clifton Hill, St. John’s Wood, London, N.W.




xiii Date of Election.

1887. Freperick Wrii1am Srvan, F.Z.8.; 23 Upper Bedford Place, London, W.C., and Shanghai, China.

1887. Joun SwinsurNE; Shona Ranch, St. John’s, Apache Country, Arizona, U.S.A.

1882. Coartes Swivnor, Col. Bombay Staff Corps, F.LS., F.Z.S8. ; Avenue House, Cowley Road, Oxford.

1884, W. C. Tarr, C.M.Z.8.; Oporto, Portugal.

*Epwarp Cavenpiso Taytor, M.A., F.Z.S.; 74 Jermyn Street,

London, 8S. W.

1873. Witr1am Bernard Treermerrr, F.Z.S.; 16 Alexandra Grove, North Finchley, N.

1889. Epwarp Priavtx Tennant; 40 Grosvenor Square, W., and The Glen, Innerleithen, N.B

1886. Horacr A. Terry, Captain 43rd Light imi a ; Burvale, Walton-on-Thames.

1891. Wit11am Brunpett THornutitt ; Castle Cosey, Castle Belling- ham, Ireland.

*Rev. Henry Baker Tristram, M.A., LL.D., F.R.S., C.M.ZS.,

&e., Canon of Durham; The College, Durham.

1890. Joun Tristram TristRaAmM-VALENTINE, F.Z.S. ; 1 Sheffield Gardens, Kensington, W.

1864, Henry Morris Urcuer, F.Z.8.; Sheringham Hall, Norfolk, and Feltwell Hall, Brandon.

1890. Srernen Venour; Fern Bank, Altrincham, Cheshire.

1881. Witnovensy Verner, Capt. Rifle Brigade; Junior United Service Club, 8.W.

1884. A. S. Verzry; Heronsgate, near Rickmansworth.

1891. C. W. pr Vis; Queensland Museum, Brisbane.

1889. H. Howarp Vysz; Stoke Place, Slough.

1886. H. D. Wanr-Datron, Lieut.-Col. Middlesex Regiment; Mhow, Bombay.

1881. Tomas, Lord Watstneuam, F.R.S., F.Z.8S. ; Eaton House, Eaton Square, London, 8.W., and Merton Hall, Thetford, Norfolk.

1874. Coartus Byerave Wuarton, F.Z.8.; Hounsdown, Totton, Hants.

1878. Henry Tuorntron Wuarton, M.A., F.Z.S.; Madresfield, Acol Road, Priory Road, West Hampstead.

1891. Bensamiy Inenam Wuiraxer; Hesley Hall, Tickhill, Rother- ham.

1884, Josrpx Waurraxrnr, F.Z.8,; Rainworth Lodge, Mansfield, Notts.






Date of Election.

1891. Joserpn 8. WurtaKker; Malfitano, Palermo, Sicily.

1887. Jerrrry Wuirenrad ; Southwood, Bickley, Kent.

1888. Caartes JosepH Witson ; 16 Gordon Square, W.C.

1887. Scorr Barcnarp Wutson, F.Z.8.; Heatherbank, Weybridge Heath, Surrey.

1891, Frank Wirutnetoy; care of Messrs. Read & Campbell, San Juan de Letran, Mexico City, Mexico.

1875. Cuartzs A. Wrieut, F.Z.8.; Kayhough House, Kew Gardens,

. Kew.

1871. E. Percevat Wriceut, M.D., F.LS., F.Z.8., Professor of Botany in the University of Dublin.

1891. THomas Wricut, M.D.; Castle Place, Nottingham.

1876. CravpE W. Wyarr; Adderbury, Banbury.

1889. James B. Youne, Commander R.N.

1878. Joun Youne, F.Z.8.; 64 Hereford Road, Bayswater, London, W.

1877. J. H. Yoru, Major, Devon Regiment; Jullundur, Bengal.

Extra-Ordinary Member.

1860, Atrrep Russexr Wattace, F.Z.S.; Corfe View, Parkstone, Dorset.

Honorary Members.

1886. Tomas Ayres; Potchefstroom, Transvaal.

1860. Dr. Epvarp Batpamus; Moritzwinger, No. 7, Halle.

1890. Hans, Grar von Brerterscn, C.M.Z.8.; Miinden, Hanover.

1860. Dr. Jean Cazants, C.M.Z.S., Berlin.

1870. Dr. Orro Fryscu, C.M.Z.8.; Delmenhorst, near Bremen.

1880. Hervricn Girne, C.M.Z8., Heligoland.

1860. Dr. Gustav Hartravs, C.M.Z.8., Bremen.

1860. Epnear Leororp Layarp, C.M.G.,-F.Z.S.

1869. Aveusr von PetzEtn, C.M.Z.8., Oberdobling, Vienna.

1890. Count Tommaso Satvaport, M.D., C.M.Z.S.; Zoological Museum, Turin.

Foreign Members.

1890. Jorn Asap Atten, O©.M.Z.8.; American Museum of Natural History, Central Park, New York.

Date of




1880. 1873.


1875. 1890. 1872. 1872.

1872. 1872. 1866. 1872. 1883.


. 1872.



1872. 1880.

Prof. J. V. Barsoza pu Bocaer, C.M.Z.8.; Royal Museum, Lisbon.

Louis Burzav, M.D.; Ecole de Médecine, Nantes.

Prof. Ropert Cottert, C.M.Z.8.; Zoological Museum, Chris- tiania.

Dr. Exxiort Covss, C.M.Z.8.; Smithsonian Institution, Wash- ington, D.C.

Marchese Giacomo Dorta, C.M.Z.S., Genoa.

Dr. Emin Paswa, C.M.Z.S.; Bagamoyo, East Africa.

Dr. Vicror Fatto, C.M.Z.8., Geneva.

Dr. Henry Hittyrr Grerrorr, C.M.Z.8.; Real Instituto di Studii Superiori, Florence.

Grorce N. Lawrence, C.M.Z.8.; 45 East 21st Street, Mew York.

Baron Dr Srtys Lonecuames, Lrége.

Dr. Jutius von Maparisz; National Museum, Buda-Pesth,

Dr. A. J. Matern, Helsingfors.

Prof. Oruntet Coartes Marsu, C.M.Z.S.; Yale College, New- haven, U.S.A.

Dr. AvorpH Bernard Meyer, C.M.Z.8., Director of the Royal Museum, Dresden.

Dr. A. von Mipprenporrr, Dorpat.

Prof. ALpHonsr Mitnz-Epwarps,C.M.Z.S.; Jardin des Plantes, Paris. ©

M. Enix Ovsrarer, 0.M.Z.S.; Muséum d’Histoire Naturelle, Jardin des Plantes, Paris.

Prof. Gustav Rappz, C.M.Z.S8., Tiflis.

Rozsert Rineway, C.M.Z.S.; Smithsonian Institution, Wash- ington, D.C.

Saat hr wk ¢ 1S Ses. ¥¢ et ha

: Mh Onis LE oft Aeon. 7 EF: As ian ee IS vert (OMS ARS Sec na a

val hee ) Lik Tha,

anal ie el



Noumser IX., January.


I, A Visit to the Blasket Islands and the are Rocks. By Witiam H. Turte ER Sp. ae aes

II. Extracts from the Letters of Mr. J. Granam Kerr, Natu- ralist to the Pilcomayo Expedition

III. Further Notes on the Birds of the Argentine Republic. By A. H. Hontawp. With Remarks by P. L. Scrater .

IV. Notes:on Buteo (Onychotes) solitarius. By the late Joun Henry Gurney . Ab tals layla. 2 dGeeER oats

V. Report on Birds from British New Guinea. By C. W. De Vis, M.A. badd Peg: Pen eae oa

VI. On some Birds from South-eastern China, with Descrip- tions of two new Species. By Henry H.Szarer. (Plate 1.) .

VII. Description of an apparently new Species of the Genus Siphia from Borneo. By A. H. Evererr, C.M.ZS. .

VIII. Descriptions of two new Species of Flycatchers from the Island of Negros, oo By E. L. Mosetzy. (Plate II.) or reer Oa

IX. On a rare Species of Lorikeet in the Rothschild Collec- tion. By T. Satvapori, C.M.Z.S. (Plate IIT.) SER. VI.— VOL. III. ; b











Page X. On the Periods occupied by Birds in the Incubation of their Eggs. By Wittiam Evans, F.R.S.E.. . . 2. . . . 52

XI. On the Fijian Species of the Genus Pach: aes By icyey SEMBOHM: 6 (sis) gy 6) -F. tee 3 a

XII. Notes on Eurystomus orientalis. By H. E. Dresser, Pas ELS: se «G8 4 oe) 3s eee PR

XIII. Notes on a second Collection of Birds made by Mr. W. D. Cumming at Fao, in the Persian Gulf. By R. BowprEer Suarps, F.L.S., &c., Zoological Department, British Museum . 103

XIV. Descriptions of fourteen new Species of Birds dis- covered by Mr. F. J. Jackson in Eastern Africa. By R. Bownrzr Suarrz, F.Z.8., PULS. 2... So a 3 2 ee

XY. On some new Francolins and a Hornbill discovered by Mr. F.J. Jackson in Eastern Africa. By W. R. Octtvie-Grant. 123

XVI. Notices of recent Ornithological Publications :—

1. Berlepsch and Leverkiihn on South-American Birds . 128 2. Blasius on new Birds from the Sooloo Islands. . . 128 3. Blasius on Birds from Mindanao . . . oe 4, Brusina on the Birds of Croatia and Slavowa oo = 5. Biittikofer on Birds from Liberia. . . . .. . 129 6. Coues’s Handbook of Ornithology. . . . . . . 180 7. Feilden on the Domicile of the Diablotin . . . . 131 8. Giglioli on the Results of the Saeed Tapani gation of Italy .. . . a) ge ae eer 9. Hartlaub on Emin Pasha’s new - Birds - 2 es ee 10. Holtz on the Irruption of Syrrhaptes of 1888 . . . 182 11. Hume and Oates’s Nests and Eggs of Indian Birds’ . 132

pea bo

. Lucas on Bird-skeletons collected by the s.s.‘Albatross’ 133 13. Martorelli on some Species of Limosa. . . . . . 183

14. Merriam on the Birds of Arizona . . . 134 15. Middendorff on the Birds of the Huai Baltic be wimves: Los gh? LS ee 16. Murray on Indian Gala Bieta: og ey a | Oe 17. Radde on the Birds of the Caucasus . . . . 7 ee 18. Ramsay on the Birds in the Australian Micsces -) 3 ee 19. Ridgway on some Species of Xiphocolaptes. . . . 187

20. Salvadori on Birds collected by Loria . . . . . 137


21. Salvadori on the Occurrence of Cypselus affinis in Italy.

22. Sandager on the Birds of the Mokohinou Islands .

23. Schalow on the Avifauna of Brandenburg

24, Seebohm on the Birds of the Japanese Empire .

25. Sharpe on the Birds of Fernando Noronha .

26. Shufeldt on the Osteology of the Water-birds .

27. Shufeldt’s Myology of the Raven :

28. Spelman ona Collection of British Birds

29. Stone on the Owls in the Collection of the bender of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia .

30. Tschusi zu Schmidhoffen’s Ornithologisches J sebaalt ;

XVII. Letters, Extracts, Notices, &c.:—

Letters from K. H. Bennett, Esq.; Capt. J. B. Young; John Cordeaux, Esq.; Lt.-Col. E. A. Butler ; Count T. Salvadori ; F. H. Salvin, Esq.; and Heer F. E. Blaauw. The Spotted- billed Pelican (Pelecanus manillensis) ;,Phasianus humic from a new Locality; New or Rare British Birds. Obituary—John Hancock .

Noumser X., April.

XVIII. Notes on Birds observed in Switzerland ; chiefly in the Cantons of Vaud and Neuchatel. By Howarp Saunvers, F.LS., F.Z.S8.

XIX. On the Birds of the Volcano Islands. By Heyry Srp Boum, F.Z.8. oats ar Sea Set ee

XX. On a supposed new Species of Petrel of the Genus Gstrelata, from the Kermadec Islands. By Ossperr Satvin, M.A., F.R.S., &e. .

XXI. On the Birds of Madagascar, and their Connection with Native Folk-lore, Proverbs, and Superstitions. By the Rev. James Srpree, Jr., F.R.G.S.—Part I. . 4 MPa

XXII. Some Comparative Osteological Notes on the North- American Kites. By R. W. Snuretpr, C.M.Z.S. .


Page 138

. 138 . 138 . 139 . 140 . 141 . 141 . 142

. 142


. 148

= 15z

2 LS9

. 228


Page XXIII. On the Birds collected by Mr. F.J. Jackson, F.Z.S., during his recent Expedition to Uganda through the Territory of the Imperial British East-African Company. By R. Bowptsr Suarpe, LL.D., F.Z.8., &. With Notes by the Collector.— Fan f. «(Plates TVj=Vi) oo cyee in ae Ge ee es

XXIV. Letters from Mr. J. Granam Kuper, Naturalist to the Pileomayo Expedition . ... . «+ + «= ( o jeuo

XXV. On a new Finch of the Genus Pheucticus, from Gua- temala. By Ospert Satvin and F. DuCanzeGopman. . . . 272

XXVI. Description of a new Species of Zosterops from the

Seven Islands, Japan. By Henry Sreponpm .... . . 273 XXVII. Notices of recent Ornithological Publications :— 31. Blasius on the Birds of Great Sanghir and Siao . . 274 32. Chapman on Birds from British Columbia . . . . 275 33. Clarke on Birds from Hudson’s Bay . . O96 34. Dubois’s Report on the Ornithological Obsscwatioal made in Belgium in 1887-8-9 . .. . . 276

35. Godman and Salvin’s Biologia Contreli teense . 276 36. Grieg on a new Hybrid Grouse. . . . 1. . . . 277

37. Grieg on the Birds of the Husa Islands. . . . . 277 38. Hartert’s Ornithological Notices . . . . 278 39. Heine and Reichenow on the Birds of the Mukent Heineanum .. . sa hve ate ems 40. Jameson’s ‘Story of the a Catania” ot og “95 SAS eee

41. Leverkiihn on former Pomeranian Bird-life. . . . 280 42. Leverkiihn on Variations in Colour in Birds . . . 280 43. Lucas on an Expedition to Funk Island. . . . . 281 44, Meyer on Pelecanus moline . . . . 282 45. North on the Nests and Eggs of PRES Birds . . 282 46, Oates’s Birds of British India? . .°2 4.) 2 ieee 47. Olphe-Galliard-on-the Usefulness of Birds . . . . 284 48. Palmer on Birds observed during the Cruise of the ‘Grampus’in 1887... . + er 49. Parker on the Morphology of Dies aoa ‘Ass - - 200 50. Pleske on the Birds of hs s Journeys in Cen-

teal Asia? <..... i. P tet RRS. ol. Ridgway.on the F poe ? Rail, » a) ae



52. Scott on the Birds of the Dry Tortugas . . 286

58. Sharpe and Wyatt on the Hirundimde . . 287

54. Shufeldt on the Osteology of the Water-birds . 6287

55. Smith on the Disappearance of Spiza americana . 288

56. Stevenson and Southwell’s Birds of Norfolk’ . . 288

57. Stone on Birds collected in Yucatan and 8. Mexico . 288 58. Studer on the Birds obtained during the Voyage of

the Gazelle : . 289

59. Thompson on the Sistennatit Bipisien of eaorarhin 290 60. Townsend on Birds collected by the U.S. Fish-Com-

mission 8.8. Albatross Sa ata en

61. Wilson and Evans on Hawaiian Bieds . 291

62. Winge on the Birds of Denmark ae +, «292

63. Zehntner on the Development of Cypselus aie ee) ee

XXVIII. Letters, Extracts, Notices, &c. :—

Letters from Dr. A. B. Meyer; Sir J. W. P. Campbell Orde ;

Dr. Ernst Hartert; Herr Tschusi zu Schmidhoffen; J. H:

Gurney, Esq.; Prof. H. H. Giglioli; Chas. A. Payton, Esq. ;

A. G. More, Esq. Munia sharpii; Reappearance of Polyteles

alexandre; Irruption of Otis tarda; The Gatke Collection ;

New Ornithological Works in Preparation. Obituary—Prof.

Poey POSS. FR a UL Ae ly | SMES es re IO Noumser X1., July.

XXIX. Ornithological Results of an Expedition to the Philippine Islands in 1887 and 1888. By J. B. Sreerz, Ph.D. (Plates VII., VIII.) . Sd adie O73 ee ee ae nee ULE

XXX. On the Birds of the Lower Yangtse Basin.—Part I. Meme Wacrean AS... « . <> c| See aye e > See

XXXI. Notes on some of the rarer Western Palwarctic Birds. By H. E. Dresszr, F.LS., F.Z.S. . 360

XXXII. On a Collection of Birds from Erzeroom. By H. E. Dresser, F.L.S., F.Z,S. Renee Phe COE:



XXXIII. On a Collection of Birds from Western Szechuen.


By Henry Srersoum . 370 XXXITY. On British Fossil Birds. By R. Lypexxer, B.A. . 381 XXXYV. Note on the Collared Petrel (@strelata torquata)

recently reported to have been killed on the Welsh Coast. By

Ospert Satin, M.A., F.R.S., &c. (Plate IX.) BS fel XXXVI. Remarks on Macgregor’s Paradise-bird, Cnemo-

philus macgregort. By P. L. Sctater, M.A., Ph.D., F.R.S.

(Plate X.) ojo Lage ie at a ge a . 414 XXXVII. On the Birds of Madagascar, and their Connection

with Native Folk-lore, Proverbs, and Superstitions. By the

Rev. James Srsree, Jr., F.R.G.S.—Part II.. . 417 XXXVITI. Diagnoses of new Species of Birds from Central

East Africa. By R. Bowpter Saarps, LL.D., F.LS., &e.,

British Museum bs bet) LOM <r XXXIX. Notices of recent Ornithological Publications :—

64. Borrer’s Birds of Sussex ; . 445 65. Brewster on new North-American Bae . 447 66. Christy’s Local Lists of British Birds . . 447 67. Dalla Torre on the Fauna of Heligoland . . 447 68. Dwight on the Horned Larks of North America . 448 69. Evans on the Birds of the Spey Valley . 448 70. Furbringer on the Systematic Position of eee ornis. 449 71. Godman and Salvin’s Biologia Centrali-Americana’ . 449 72. Goodchild on Crested Birds of Prey . 450 73. Goodchild on the Cubital Coverts of Birds . 450 74. Goss’s Birds of Kansas’ . 451 75. Hart on the Birds of Sinai . 452 76. Hartert on three new Birds . ; . 452 77. Hartlaub on Birds from Eastern Africa . : 453 78. Lawrence on the former abundance of Mapai ae near New York . 454 79. Lawrence on a new Swift ae a rare Potrel. . 454 80. Leverkiihn on strange Eggs in Birds’-nests . . 454


Page 81. Lilford’s Coloured Figures of British Birds’ . . . 455 82. Lydekker on Fossil Birds in the Dublin Museum . . 456 83. Lydekker’s Catalogue of Fossil Birds. . . . . . 456 84. Meyer on an Albino Grey-hen in Male Plumage . . 458 85. Meyer and Helm’s Report on the Ornithological Observing-Stations for Saxony for 1889 . . . . 458 86. North on the Plumage of Malurus. . . . . . . 408 87. Pelzeln on the History of the Bird Collection at Vienna 459 88. Pidsley and Macpherson on the Birds of Devon . . 459 89. Pleske’s ‘Ornithographia Rossica’.... . . . . . 461 90. Raeburn on the Great Skua. . . . .. .. . 461 91. Sclater and Shelley on the Picarie . .. . . . 461 92. Stone on the Species of Psilorhinus . . . « 463 93. Von den Steinen on the Birds of South Gaara . . 463

XL. Letters, Extracts, Notices, &c. :—

Letters from Herr Paul Leverkiihn; Chas. A. Payton, Esq. ; Edward Hargitt, Esq.; W. R. Ogilvie-Grant, Esq.; Rev. Canon H. B. Tristram ; W. L.Sclater, Esq. ; and E. Cavendish Taylor, The Pilcomayo Expedition; The Penguinary at the Jardin d’Acclimatation, Paris; News of Emin Pasha; The Pahang Expedition ; Further Particulars of the Collared Petrel; Anni- yersary Meeting of the British Ornithologists’ Union, 1891; The International Ornithological Congress. Obituary—Dr. O. F. Kutter and Col. Sir Oliver B.C. St.John . . . . . 464

Noumser XII., October. XII. On the Birds of the Lower Yangtse Basin.—Part II. gees We OEYAN, BLAS. pica 3 ov ee oe eee. Moo « SE

XLII. Ornithological Notes. By Franx E. Bepparp, M.A., Prosector to the Zoological Society of London. . . . . . 510

XLII. On the Recent Advances in our Knowledge of the Geographical Distribution of Birds. By the Eprror. . . . 514


Page XLIV. On the Birds of Madagascar, and their Connection with Native Folk-lore, Proverbs, and Superstitions. By the Rev. Jamzs Srsrez, Jr., F.R.G.8.—Part IIT. . ... . . . 557

XLV. On the Polynesian Members of the Genus Ptilopus. By Lionzst W. Wietzsworth. (Plate XI.). . . . . . . 566

XLVI. On some Recent Additions to the List of Irish Birds. Ny Henny Sexsome 2°: 2) S|.) SSA

XLVII. On the Birds collected by Mr. F. J. Jackson, F.Z.8., during his recent Expedition to Uganda through the Territory of the Imperial British East-African Company. By R. Bowpier Snarrz, LL.D., F.L.S., &. With Notes by the Collector.— Part il. (Plates AUX) uA ee wee : , 2 SBT.

XLVIII. On Pelagodroma marina, a Petrel new to the British List. By H. A. Macpnmnson, M.A. . . ... . ©). .) 3602

XLIX. Notes on Woodpeckers.—No. XVIII. On two new Species from the Pileomayo. By Enwarp Hareirr, F.Z.8.. . 604

L. On an apparently new Species of Pigmy Parrot of the Genus Nasiterna. By H. B. Tristram, D.D., F.RS. . . . 608

LI. Descriptions of Five new Species of Birds discovered in Central America by W. B. Richardson. By O. Satvin and FD. Gopman 3. 3s a ee

LII. Notices of recent Ornithological Publications :—

94. Allen ona new Mimocichla ......~. . 612 95. Biittikofer’s Sketches of Liberia . . . . . . . 613 96. Fiore on the Calabrian Avifauna. . . . . . . 618 97. Gitke on the Birds of Heligoland. . . . 613

98. Giglioli on the Results of the Giriskigliginal Trias? gation of Ttaly . ©. i.) Gilet ns et Je 99. Hartert on Ammomanes lusitanica parvirostris . . 615 100. Hartert’s Catalogue of the Birds of the Senckenberg Musoum i 3). . 0 Ee Gee eee

CONTENTS. XXV Page 101. Koenig on the Birds of Madeira and the Canaries . 615 102. List of Birds’ Eggs in the Indian Museum, Calcutta. 617 103. Meyer on some Pigeons from Borneo and the Philip- pines . : : . 618 104, Oustalet on the Broaitivis of Paigene : . 618 105. Parker on the Morphology of the Gallinacee . . 618 106. Parker on the Apteryx . ; : . 619 107, Pleske on some Hybrid Birds . : : . 620 108. Romita on Additions to the Puglian Agana . 620 109. Salvadori on a Wagtail new to Italy . 620 110. Schalow on the Avifauna of the Cisatlantean ach region . = G21 111. Sharpe on the Glaaaittetion of This! . 621 112. Thompson on the Birds of Manitoba . 622 113. Vorderman on the Birds of Billiton . . 623 LIII. Letters, Extracts, Notices, &c. :— Letters from E. 8. Cameron, Esq.; E. W. Harcourt, Esq. ; Sir John Campbell Orde; E. Cavendish Taylor, Esq. The pro- gress of the B. M. Catalogue of Birds ; Additions to the National Collection of Birds; The National Coilection of Birds’ Eggs ; The Gurney Collection of Raptorial Birds; Publications of the Second International Ornithological Congress; The Great Skua in Unst; Birds extinct or becoming so in North America ; Occurrence of Grus leucogeranus in the Hebrides. Obituary— Sir O. B. C. St. John . 623 Index of Scientific Names . 639 Index of Contents . . 657

Titlepage, Preface, List of ee ana heron

SER. Vi.— VOL. IIIf. c

Tee. LBs,


No. IX. JANUARY 1891.

].—A Visit to the Blasket Islands and the Skellig Rocks. By Wizi1am H. Torte.

Tue Blasket Islands are the most westerly inhabited islands in Europe. Inishvickillane is five miles further west than the most westerly point of the mainland of Ireland, nearly three degrees further west than St. Kilda, and nearly a degree further west than the most westerly point of Spain. The Skellig-Rocks are nearly, but not quite, so far west. These islands partake of the same character as most of the coast of the south-west\of Ireland. They are stupendous piles of rock (for the most part trap and mica slate), which tumble headlong down to the sea or run out in perpendicular pro- montories. On the top of these cliffs there are often grassy slopes and green valleys gay with the white flowers of the - bladder campion and the pink blossoms of the thrift. On some of these islands there are sheep, on many of them great numbers of rabbits ; but their chief interest hes in the almost innumerable sea-fowl which breed on the grassy slopes and on the precipitous cliffs.

The Blaskets are a group of half a dozen islands and numerous less important rocks. They lie about 150 miles due west of Killarney. The Great Blasket is the largest of

SER. Vi.—VOL. Ill. B

2 Mr. W. H. Turle—A Visit

these islands, and the only one that contains a village ; Inish-_ vickillane (or Inishmackillaun, as it was called half a cen- tury ago) is the next largest and is inhabited by a single family. The next in size is Inishnabro (formerly Inishnubro), and it is the loftiest, rising 583 feet above the level of the sea. It is uninhabited. There is a lighthouse on Inishtearaght (the Tiraght Rock of the old maps) , but no other houses. Inish- toorskert (which used to be called Inishtuiskero) and Beginish (the Beginist of the old maps) are quite uninhabited. There are no trees on any of the islands, and the shores are for the most part precipitous cliffs, where it is very difficult to find a landing-place.

I have paid two visits to the Blasket Islands, one in 1889 and the other in 1890. From Cork to Tralee there is a railway, but from Tralee to Dingle is a long drive of thirty- two Irish miles. The road passes along a range of moun- tains which rise higher and higher as the traveller proceeds westwards, until they culminate in the lofty peak of Brandon, 3127 feet above the sea. I arrived in Dingle on the 30th of April, and fortunately found my boatman waiting for a fine day to sail over to the Blaskets in his fishing-smack. I had just time to drive over to Sybil Head in a car to arrange with my climber to meet me in his canoe near Beginish on the following day. He